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Our cash deals are all-cash deals that close quick, require no repairs, have no-contingencies. Paying with all cash guarantees a quick closing because we do not need to get qualified for a loan or wait for loan documents to be drawn up. Most of the time we make all cash offers. However, from time to time and depending on the situation, we may propose a terms or financing offer (or some other creative solution).


Most of our deals are all cash deals, but there are times when an all cash deal is not the right deal structure for a homeowner. For homeowners who want to sell at the highest price but are having trouble finding a buyer who will pay the asking price. We will make an offer to buy your house under a short term  lease option contract and pay you monthly with an ballon payment at the contractual date.

Take Over Payments

We buy homes from homeowners who have a mortgage but want or need to sell their home due to foreclosures, liens, or pass due taxes. We’ll buy the home subject to the homeowners mortgage, pay off the back taxes, and pay the homeowners mortgage until it is paid off.

Owner Financing

For homeowners who own their property with no existing mortgage and want the full listing price for their home along with a monthly cash flow,  we will buy their property through owner financing.